About us

Olivier Sénéchal created Silex element in Montreal. The adventure began in 2010 and very quickly it's love of materials and regular innovations make it a reference of ultra light concrete covers. New additions and techniques follow one another, starting with cold metallization.

Established in Lasalle since 2018, the company has a new production facility of more than 1,500 m2 that allows it to easily meet production needs in series or customized. The network of engineers, designers, art cabinetmakers and experts in composite materials make up the company’s environment structured to carry out the most ambitious projects.

The expertise of Silex is the work of concrete and metal to make ultra light wall coverings for the interior decoration market. It is ideal for residential, commercial and luxurious hotel. Silex element aspires to become number 1 in North America in ultra light concrete interior layouts with references like Hotel W, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Starbucks, SAQ, Bestseller, Caroline Néron, Browns, Artemano, Dynamite and more.

The creations of Silex adhere to 5 guiding principles:

- thin from about 1/4'' to 5/16''
- lightweighted < 2 lb per square foot
- easy to cut
- easy to install
- each piece is different from the others.

Through an extensive network, the products of Silex element are sold throughout all of North America.