Shipments and returns

Delivery and storage of orders:

The customer must ensure the acceptance and possession of the delivery of the entire material within thirty (30) days after the delivery date requested by the customer, notwithstanding the fact that this delivery date may be earlier or later than the delivery date requested by the customer. If the customer wishes to postpone the receipt of the material beyond this date, Silex may require full payment. In addition, in this case, Silex may claim monthly storage fees, corresponding to 1% of the value to be shipped, excluding taxes, but Silex is in no way obliged to store material on behalf of the customer. It is understood that Silex may, at its discretion, dispose of the material not accepted by the customer.

Transport and delivery dates:

Silex commits to doing its best to respect the delivery date requested by the customer. However, the customer recognizes that product delivery dates may vary and are beyond the control of Silex. Therefore, the customer accepts that Silex assumes no responsibility for delays in delivery, whether caused by Silex or by a third party, and acknowledges that Silex does not guarantee the delivery of the material on the delivery date requested by the customer. The customer further acknowledges and agrees that all transportation costs will be paid by the customer to Silex in accordance with the payment conditions agreed upon by the parties, and that any goods transportation by a third party is at the risk and expense of the customer, whether such transportation has been organized by Silex on behalf of the customer or not. Silex does not guarantee delivery or transportation by a third party, including, but not limited to, the quality of service or delivery of material. The dimensions of the boxes are appropriate and your items are properly protected.

Order receipt:

Silex commits to providing the customer with pictures of each packaged order (package or palette) and ready to ship for delivery and before shipment to prove good condition from the start. The customer acknowledges and agrees that they are responsible for checking that the merchandise they receive is in good condition and corresponds to the photos sent by the company. In case of doubts, as a precaution, or if the customer finds that the merchandise is not in accordance with the photo sent, they must make the necessary reservations on the delivery slip (examples: possible damages/presumed hidden damages/damages to inspect/etc.) in front of the delivery person. Silex strongly advises taking pictures of the merchandise at delivery and sending them if necessary. If the customer signs the receipt and does not specify on it that the order is not in conformity, Silex can not be held responsible for any errors, damages or defects subsequently found. It is therefore important that the customer carefully check the palette before signing the receipt. Silex commits to handling all claims related to the conformity of pallets in a diligent and professional manner.

Return and Exchange Policy:

Any merchandise returned must be in its original condition and must not have been opened, cut, installed, or applied. No returns or exchanges will be accepted for custom or special color products. Furthermore, no returns will be accepted for special order products and clearance merchandise. The original copy of the invoice is mandatory. Returns or exchanges are accepted within thirty (30) days from purchase. Refunds will be made according to the original payment method. Depending on the nature of the product, handling fees between 15-30% will be applied.