Waxed concrete

For an industrial decor in every room, Silex's direct-applied coating is the solution Waxed concrete is the solution for residential and commercial projects. Its excellent adhesion, mechanical qualities, and waterproofing properties make Waxed concrete a finish of choice for interior design projects. Silex Waxed Concrete Wall Kits contain a powder to be mixed with water and Silex Sealer for wall application. The Silex Waxed Concrete Floor and Shower Kits also containSilex Admixture, which strengthens the concrete, and Silex Varnish, which protects against water and stains. They make the surface more resistant and waterproof in high traffic areas and rooms exposed to humidity. The surface coated with Waxed concrete surface is easy to clean with mild biological products.




Flint / Waxed concrete primer